Welcome to Westcoast Calisthenics Club

The calisthenics year at Westcoast...

There is lots the happens over the year at Westcoast calisthenics - new students are always welcome to get involved. First 2 classes are free.

January: Summer School* and solos*

February: Team classes commence

June: Camp, Stage / Dress rehearsal

August - October: Team competitions (including Ballarat in October for Subbies-Seniors)

November: Term 4 Recreational classes "Cali Dance"

November: Annual Concert and Presentation Day

November-December: Pupil skills exams*

Contact us on Facebook or westcoast-cali@outlook.com 

*Development opportunities for our students



For enquiries regarding the 2021 season, costume hire or general information about Westcoast Calisthenics Club Inc., please contact us by clicking on the yellow button.

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Armstrong Creek East Community Hub

46-70 Central Blvd, Armstrong Creek

Vines Rd Community Centre,

Hamlyn Heights

(Masters only)

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